We combine strategic know-how with aesthetic sensibility, pragmatic thinking and two decades of design experience to develop brands that work in today’s fascinating digital reality.

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Finding a suitable place for your brand in the market

We provide strategic support, knowledge, conceptual thinking and analysis. You provide the brand experience and first-hand knowledge of your sector. The result is a comprehensive strategy, which is the first step of any great branding.


Creating a name and brand language

The name is a fundamental aspect of every identity system. Because it influences all elements of design, you cannot start designing without the right name in place. And while the naming process is notorious for being challenging, our experience allows us to lead the process to victory. And yes, choosing a name can be as difficult as naming a child. Sometimes harder! We can help.


Designing a distinctive visual identity

Whether we are working on the brand identity, a visual information system or packaging designs, we aim to create a unique visual alphabet that represents the brand across all touchpoints in a completely ownable way. You can think of this as the visual DNA of the brand because when it’s done well it allows your brand to continue evolving even when our work is done.


Building the brand’s position in the digital world

Whatever the features and scale of your business, its most effective communication channel today is the Internet. As we help create or relaunch your brand, we harness everything we know about its needs to best deploy the Internet and SoMe channels going forward. Mama knows best how to take care of her baby!


We are a group of individuals who agree that the world can be a better place thanks to thoughtful and sustainable design.


Piotr Ręczajski

Strategic Director / Partner

piotr@mamastudio.pl +48 696 430 386

Graduate of the Faculty of Management at Warsaw University. Strategic director and partner at Mamastudio since 2009. Previously worked at Saatchi & Saatchi, Grey, PZL and Corporate Profiles Consulting.


Michał Pawlik

Creative Director / Partner

michal@mamastudio.pl +48 501 046 090

Graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Over 20 years of experience as a designer and art director on visual identity and rebranding projects for Polish and international brands.


Alina Kostiuk

Senior Project Manager

alina@mamastudio.pl +48 664 346 054

Graduate of graphic design at University for the Creative Arts in London and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. A graduate of psychology at SWPS. Uniquely combines design competence and aesthetic instincts with soft skills and next-level project management.


Jacek Walesiak

Creative Director / Partner


Experienced designer with more industry awards than we can count. Created the brand identities for some of Poland’s biggest brands as partner at his own acclaimed design firm. A partner at Mamastudio since 2022.


Anna Martowska



Graduate in New Media Art at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw. Loves developing brand identities and working with illustration, not necessarily at the same time. Despite a preference for wearing all black clothes, she always gives color a role in her designs.


Małgorzata Ostaszewska

Senior Designer


Graduate of the Product Design faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. A gifted designer and experienced art director with a speciality in digital branding, web design and animation. Formerly ran the design studio Multiversal.


Michał Traczyk

Digital Marketing Strategist

Graduate of the Faculty of Sociology and Pedagogy at SGGW with a focus on Intercultural Education. A recipient of industry awards for creative strategy, Michał has been working on digital marketing for over a decade.


Małgosia Szlązak

Financial Director / Bookkeeper


Our studio’s financial guardian angel, in charge of keeping all our contracts and invoices compliant and running smoothly.


Kasia Wojciechowska

Junior Designer


A talented and hard-working young designer who amazes us every day with her dedication and great ideas.

Two decades on...

Mamastudio has recently celebrated 20 years of hard work, fun and friendship. Although much has changed during this time, we are who we’ve always been: a group of people willing to create beautiful, effective and sustainable design. We just want the world to be a better and more pleasant place.