BLACK Burgers'n'Bar
It's Black magic!

Welcome to BLACK Magic Burger Bar.

A new restaurant chain has hit the polish market by the name of Black, known across Israel for its high quality burgers. We were tasked with the visualisation of the brand and designing its first location in the Arcadia mall.


The visualisation of the brand is based on the concept of a simple logo working together with a symbol portraying tmagic hands, casting the secret recipe, for the best burgers. All the icons and restaurant murals were made in collaboration with illustrator Amadeusz Mierzwa.

Neon, signs, murals, packaging 

Besides the murals, the local is fitted with directional neon lights. We also created paper materials: a menu in different formats, take away boxes, wrapping paper and bags. The servers wear t shirts with elements from the brands identification in the same style as the energetic character of the restaurant. 

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