For years, Empik has been operating both in the offline and online worlds — as a network of physical stores and as an online store. Over time, the brand image ceased to be consistent. Empik has grown in parallel identification systems, a number of sub-brands and independent brands. As a result, the reception of Empik became difficult, and the discrepancy between offline and online sounded stronger and stronger.

Brand Identity, Communication, Digital Branding, Design of Public Space

Tidying the system


We have conducted an audit of Empik’s visual identity. Based on the new brand strategy prepared by Deloitte, we have rebuilt and unified the visual identity of Empik, including stores, publications and communication in the digital channel. We have redesigned over 30 logos, tidied the brand’s colour codes, corporate typeface and offline and online communication formats. The result is a well-thought-out, coherent and functional system of visual identification. It has been written down in the Brand Manual, which is used by several hundred employees of the company on a daily basis, and whose recipients are thousands of customers all over Poland.

Digital branding


Part of our task was to redesign the brand’s presence on the Internet — from the main Empik sales platform to social media and online advertising. We have organized the entire visual identification system used in this extremely extensive e-commerce platform. We have prepared consistent nomenclature, colours, icons and selected the type of photos and illustrations used in communication. We have also developed a system for posting on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) containing a recommendation on how and when to use them.

Communication in showrooms


The information and navigation system in Empik stores is also the result of our work. It is dynamic, responsive, multi-coloured, yet consistent and simple. It works well on screens and shelves, as well as on citylights and billboards. Preparing the entire, multi-level visual identification takes several months of hard work of our team and the Empik team.

Mamastudio for Empik


  • Art Direction
  • Visual language
  • Strategy
  • Project Management

    Joanna Zalewska
  • Art Direction

    Michał Pawlik
  • Design

    Maciej Bączkowski, Gabi Golińska
  • Strategy

    Piotr Ręczajski