Irena the Mermaid

A place that combines the world of night and day Warsaw. Together with the illustrator Ola Sadownik and the Projekt Praga architectural office, we have created an original and eclectic identification project.

Brand Identity, Digital Branding, Design of Public Space

Irena the Mermaid



The new Syrena Irena restaurant in Warsaw has two incarnations and two logos. During the day, it is a nice Mermaid with the best dumplings in the city and delicious snacks. At night, the lights dim, the music starts playing, and Mermaid turns into a naughty Irena.

We were inspired by the aesthetics of the jazzing Warsaw of the 60s. The times when Nowy Świat was a vibrant centre of nightlife – the streets were lit by neon lights, and the few bars were filled with music, colourful characters and unique energy. That is why the Mermaid sign has a hand-drawn, cut-out character.

The Mermaid Irena is nonchalant, funny and aggressive. She is simply the goddess of dumplings, and we are guests in her world.

Typography is expressive and deliberately slightly clumsy. Everything in this identification is liquid, changeable and sincere – it has an artistic flair. When preparing the project, we drew from the tradition of the Polish school of poster and the works of the 1960s and 1970s. We wanted to maintain a loose, sketchy character that is meant to show fun and lack of frippery.

All eclectic elements – neon lights, a Renaissance mural, typography, cut-outs, dumplings, vodka and food – merge into one. Time ceases to exist. When the sun rises, tired Irena goes to sleep, and the rested Mermaid returns to her guests.

Feel invited. Come at daytime and night-time!

Mamastudio for Syrena Irena


  • Branding
  • Visual language
  • Naming
  • Project Management

    Alina Kostiuk
  • Art Direction

    Michał Pawlik
  • Illustrations & logo

    Ola Sadownik
  • Photo

    Pion Fotografia
  • Interior Design

    Projekt Praga