Monck Custom

Handmade skis from the highest quality components. Made out of love for mountains and skiing.

Brand Identity, Digital Branding

Monck Custom

Monck Custom creates skis for enthusiasts who expect the highest quality, unique design and modern construction.



The Monck Custom visual identity concept is based on simple and functional assumptions. Its basic elements are a simple logotype, symbol and characteristic colours. The name and form of the monogram are inspired by the summit of Mount Mnich (Monk) in the Polish Western Tatras.

The concept of a wandering monk devoted to his work and calling corresponds to the mission of creating the perfect skis.

The basic colours of the brand are black and white, which represent elegance and timeless style. The graphics of the skis do not change every season, as with most manufacturers. Only the colours appearing as an accent in the characteristic diagonal strands are added, which are supplemented from time to time. An integral part of the product and its identification are also the grain of the wood used in the production of skis.

Thanks to the simplicity and traditional design solutions, we tried to make the skis look timeless and “mature”, which would distinguish them from other brands present on the market.

Mamastudio for Monck Custom Skis


  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Digital Branding
  • Project Management

    Magdalena Assanowicz
  • Design

    Zuzanna Rogatty
  • Art Direction

    Michał Pawlik
  • Photo

    Max Zieliński
  • Monogram Concept

    Maciej Rabeko