Polpharma Biologics

A comprehensive visual identification system for the largest biotechnological company in Poland.

Brand Identity, Communication, Digital Branding

Polpharma Biologics

New logotype


We focused on a simple and functional lettering sign, and we reduced the visual means used in the project to a minimum. We gave up the signet and additional elements, focusing on lettering. The italicized inscription is dynamic and compact, and the rounded dots in the letters refer to particles. They communicate attention to detail and precision.

We care — a company that cares about every little detail of its activity.


We started work on the new identification of the company in March, just before the lockdown was announced, and it was the first project that we implemented entirely remotely. Thanks to the involvement of the Polpharma Biologics team, meetings and discussions on every detail, we achieved a common goal.

The new identification was also created with a view of making it easy and intuitive to use, and contact with the brand giving pleasure and satisfaction, and contributing to the success and recognition of the company as an industry leader.

Implementation of the system


All elements that make up the brand’s new visual language are described in the Book of Visual Identification and are used in all online and offline communication channels and at the company’s premises.

By using them in a consistent and coherent way, we build the image of a modern and professional brand.

Mamastudio for Polpharma Biologics


  • Brand identity
  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Digital Branding
  • Project Management

    Alina Kostiuk
  • Design

    Maciej Bączkowski, Ania Martowska, Rafał Możdżyński, Gabi Golińska
  • Art Direction

    Michał Pawlik
  • Photo

    Paweł Klein