Rezerwat Jabłek (Apple Reserve)

It's all a matter of flavour we miss. The flavour of bygone, forgotten apple varieties. We do everything to retain it.

Brand Identity, Naming, Packaging, Communication, Digital Branding

Rezerwat Jabłek is a new Polish brand promoting hand-pressed juices from forgotten apple varieties.


The project is derived from a longing for childhood flavours and the need to talk about bygone varieties of apples. Speaking the way they deserve to be spoken about, reminding of their existence, celebrating their stories and their extraordinary flavours and aromas.

We have created the name of the new product, and together with the client, we have developed the strategy of communication.

We have designed visual identification and packaging. We also made a movie about our assumptions and the idea for the brand to introduce it to the market.

There are still traditional orchards here in Lower Silesia. Old trees bearing bygone apple varieties. Real reserves. We were driven by the desire to restore forgotten flavours, but also to save at least one such orchard.


This is how the idea of ​​the Apple Reserve was born – single-variety, hand-pressed juices of high quality, from bygone varieties of these wonderful fruits, which enchant with their rich aroma and taste.

Mamastudio for Projekt Jabłko


  • Naming
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Design
  • Packaging
  • Project Menagment

    Magda Assanowicz
  • Art Direction

    Michał Pawlik
  • Strategy

    Piotr Ręczajski
  • Design

    Maciek Bączkowski
  • Ilustracje

    Maciek Polak, Amadeusz Mierzwa
  • Film & Motion

    Kuba Kossak