Royal Wilanów

Visual information system for Royal Wilanów.

Design of Public Space

Royal Wilanów

Royal Wilanów is a building designed by JEMS Architekci – one of the leading studios in Poland. The visual information system we have created emphasizes the architectural qualities of the building.

We translated the individualized details of the building into graphic language. The visual concept is inspired by the “razor blades” on the façade. They became the basis for creating a graphic motif used in the form of openwork cut-outs in pylons and in murals on the walls of staircases.

The iconographic system we have created is inspired by the building’s plan. Its basic element is a rhomb – a figure characteristic of the entire system.

Mamastudio for Grupa Capital Park


  • Wayfinding
  • Project Management

    Magdalena Assanowicz
  • Design

    Zuzanna Rogatty
  • Art Direction

    Magdalena Ponagajbo