Zuo Corp +

Zuo Corp + is as dark and mysterious as the main designer and co-owner of the brand, Bartek Michalec.

Brand Identity, Packaging

Zuo Corp +

The creators of the brand are Bartek Michalec and Łukasz Laskowski. Unlike the main brand, that is ZUO, ZUO CORP + clothes are definitely more casual, free and affordable, although they retain the style characteristic of the authors.

All identification elements are kept in black and white. The leitmotif is a dead raven, simple and economical typography, as well as appropriately selected paper and embossing.

A beautiful session made by Adam Pluciński is entitled “Live as you want”. It accompanies the new collection and the opening of a physical store at 21 Chmielna in Warsaw.

Mamastudio for Zuo Corp+


  • Brand Identity
  • Project Management

    Magdalena Assanowicz
  • Design

    Konrad Sybilski
  • Art Direction

    Michał Pawlik