A consulting firm that moves mountains. To match its scale, a system of identity was created, making the task of moving mountains easier.

Brand Identity, Communication, Digital Branding



Casbeg, like any advisory company, faces the challenge of visualizing cases, which are usually based on extensive textual material. The system was designed to provide an attractive space for independent publishing of their work results, presentations, e-books, and social media communication.





The identification is based on basic colors – black and white. Complementing them is yellow, symbolizing the color of a highlighter – used to emphasize the most important content. It is one of the fundamental and most commonly used tools of work, which builds associations with knowledge, expertise, and priorities. The rectangular shapes, which have become an integral part of the identification, allude to sticky notes in their digital form.





The lines used in the logo symbolically highlight the individual value of each letter, but all of them are necessary to form |C|A|S|B|E|G|. It also references the world of movie posters, which is very close to Casbeg in terms of their sense of humor and internal communication based on metaphors and movie quotes. We work like a team planning a bank heist, where each member specializes in a completely different field: explosives, code-breaking, safe-cracking, fast driving.

Graphic system


The visual identity is a dynamic and flexible system that operates like Casbeg. The lines from the logo create a responsive and dynamic communication world, connecting texts and images. The system expands and contracts depending on the needs. It can be extended with images, texts, and videos. It looks impressive and works very simply. The best proof of this, is Casbeg’s social media channels, which demonstrate the flexibility and coherence of the new visual identity.

Mamastudio dla Casbeg

Zakres prac

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Visual language
  • Strategia
  • Project Management

    Alina Kostiuk
  • Art Direction

    Jacek Walesiak
  • Design

    Marta Przeciszewska, Jacek Walesiak
  • Strategia

    Piotr Ręczajski
  • Animacje

    Katarzyna Wojciechowska
  • Web design

    Michał Małolepszy