The City Information System in Krakow

Information system for the pearl of Polish cities. A project prepared for a competition.

Design of Public Space

The City Information System in Krakow



Krakow, often referred to as the spiritual and cultural capital of Poland, is a diverse and complex city. Its presence on the first UNESCO World Heritage List is an meaningful testimony to the value of the resources of the thousand-year history of the city. Therefore, it requires a city information system with the highest degree of functionality, which will bear its heritage and give expression to its uniqueness.



A special Polish city – a special Polish typeface. Di Grotesk, by M. Misiak, is a font inspired by the nineteenth-century grotesque. Geometric, equipped with an individualized detail, it ensures both legibility in the urban space (reading at an angle) and the economy of the plate format.



Violet is the perfect colour for the Krakow city identification system. Unique, evoking associations with royal purple. It fits perfectly in the urban space and contrasts well with it. It works well with modern and historical buildings.



Each route has a colour and a symbol assigned to it. Tourist route markers are a graphic extension of the icon format.



Maps are available in general and approximate versions. We mark the point “Here you are” and the circle of pedestrian range with the mint colour. To simplify orientation in the area, we have enriched the maps with illustrations showing characteristic objects and monuments.

The concept of media is based on the idea of ​​revealing, discovering and bringing Krakow closer.



The information system of the city of Krakow is based on three key media: a plate, pylon and an information pole. Wall boards have a simple and functional, yet original form. They are very easy to install and resistant to mechanical and weather damage.

Mamastudio for Miasta Kraków


  • Brand Identity
  • Wayfinding
  • Project Management

    Piotr Ręczajski
  • Design

    Zuzanna Rogatty, Szymon Sawicki
  • Art Direction

    Magda Ponagajbo
  • 3D Design

    Jakub Marzoch
  • Type Design

    Marian Misiak