A bicycle, just like YOU. A premium bicycle brand rebranding

Brand Identity, Naming, Communication, Digital Branding



Antymateria is a Warsaw-based manufacturer of high-quality, steel, urban premium bicycles, present on the Polish market for 10 years.



Today’s premium bicycle customer is different from the one 10 years ago. They are more likely to choose a bicycle that they can take outside the city, into the woods. Antymateria is responding to this trend with tailored products in the gravel and cyclocross categories. However, the visual identity and brand language based on the URBAN nature of Antymateria did not sufficiently support the new products. It is time to change the brand strategy and branding of Antymateria.



We spoke with customers and heavy users of premium bicycles, analyzed the actions of competitors in Poland and around the world, and ultimately reconstructed the customer journey for Antymateria. Antymateria is associated with the possibility of customizing the product. This resonates excellently with the increasingly significant expectation of customers regarding the individual appearance and purpose of bicycles. However, this was not reflected in the branding and communication of the brand. The logo, language, and graphic elements on the Antymateria customer journey did not build the experience of premium bicycles tailored to the individual needs of their customers.



A premium bicycle is like fine jewellery – designed for a specific person, crafted with jeweler-like precision, and captivating in its appearance. In the new brand strategy, it is the bicycle buyer who becomes the CREATOR. They have an influence on the look, functional features, and type of bicycle being created for them. Antymateria’s experienced employees almost carve and tailor their bicycles for customers, using the highest quality components. The result of this exceptional creation is a unique and one-of-a-kind bicycle.

To signify the change happening in the brand’s life, we decided to shorten the word Antymateria to its first element – ANTY. The new version of the name not only gained character but also acquired meaning through a manifesto that emphasizes the brand’s beliefs.



The precision associated with the brand’s operation and the motif of the path that we can traverse thanks to its products inspired the creation of the ANTY identity. The precision is reflected in the stable typeface used in the new branding. The unique form of the first letter of the brand’s name in the logo captures the character of mobility and movement. It also refers to the ability to move on our own terms, with a personalized bicycle co-created with the brand.



The coat-of-arms version of the logo embodies the artisanal character that is ingrained in ANTY’s DNA. All bicycles created by the brand are personalized and custom-made. The logo system is designed in a way that allows flexible application of branding, depending on communication needs. The letter “A” in the logo is a distinctive element that can be used to build patterns accompanying the visual language of ANTY.

Social media communication uses the theme
of lines – roads.

The brand’s advertising materials are built around the ANTY logo – used as the main graphic element.

Check out the ANTY bike shops and services in Warsaw and Wrocław.


Mamastudio for ANTY


  • Art Direction
  • Rebranding
  • Visual language
  • Naming
  • Strategy & naming

    Piotrek Ręczajski, Jacek Walesiak, Zofia Heydel Szymborska
  • Project Management

    Zofia Heydel Szymborska
  • Art Direction

    Jacek Walesiak
  • Design

    Jacek Walesiak, Kasia Wojciechowska
  • Photo

    ANTY, Ania Martowska