Adapted to digital reality, visual language communicates the simplicity, functionality and availability of Profim products.

Brand Identity, Digital Branding




When creating a new system of visual identification, we focused on functionality and simplicity. We wanted it to be clear and easy to use. We tried not to lose the brand’s Polish lineage resulting from the history and assumptions of the Profim company.



The previous logo was delicate, timid and rounded. We wanted the new logotype to express self-confidence, precision, scale and professionalism of the brand, and to emphasize good design and quality. The implementation of these assumptions are, i.a. details in typography, including the characteristic form of the letter “f”.



All materials and layouts are constructed in such a way that the chairs are in the centre of the composition. We have presented them as small works of applied art and surrounded them with a frame. Simple and legible typography is scaled up, it comes out of the frame, which gives a modern, but comfortable effect.



The colour of the frame used in the materials results from the colour of the upholstery of the presented chair. It is in a slightly lighter shade and therefore becomes a good background for a piece of furniture that comes to the foreground. We have used scaled typography that remains legible despite the fact that it is obscured by chairs. We have also used the frame layout in social media. Owing to this, the brand has a coherent image – in the digital space and in printed materials.



In cooperation with Michał Loba, we have created a collection of illustrations that present furniture in various contexts and add emotions to them. Thanks to this, they can be an inspiration for furnishing both office and home workstation.

We have created the world of Profim from scratch. In addition to preparing the identification, we have designed a set of icons, technical drawings of furniture, a template and a brand book.

Mamastudio for Profim


  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Visual language
  • Naming
  • Project Management

    Alina Kostiuk
  • Design

    Maciej Bączkowski, Gabi Golińska
  • Art Direction

    Michał Pawlik
  • Illustrations

    Michał Loba
  • Photo & Motion

    Kuba Kossak, Aleksander Jezierski