The Arthur Rubenstein Philharmonic of Łódź
Architecture, music, rhythm

The Łódź Philharmonic’s visual identity is based on the concert hall’s highly characteristic arched entryway, which is the signature architectural element of the building’s facade.

The logo, an artistic interpretation of the entryway, acquires a symbolic significance and provides transition to a world of sound, rhythm and music. Additional rhythmic lines are used to create the remaining elements of the identity, including a series of symbolic icons and wayfinding design elements used for navigating through the building’s space.

The four-thousand square meter concert hall is not only special because of it’s magnificent architecture composed of expansive architectural concrete, wood, glass and stone, but also because it houses extraordinarily unique instruments – two fully independent organs: one romantic, the other baroque. Their construction marks the largest ever organ project in Poland and a highly unique event on a pan-European scale.

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