Autor Rooms
Boutique Hotel and Mamastudio’s personal project

“The Key to Warsaw” is in our hotel’s DNA.


We opened AUTOR Rooms in the historic residence building located at 17 Lwowska Street. It is a place for those who appreciate beautiful design and expect tailor-made hospitality. As proud residents of this unique city, we open doors to the authentic Warsaw to provide guests an unforgettable experience.


Just like the Mamastudio logo, the Autor Rooms logo also includes a key. Besides being a symbol of hospitality, it’s also a promise to unlock the secrets of a vibrant city full of rich culture and ideas. 

The starting point for the Autor rooms identity project was to create an open system that went beyond the stiffness of corporate style and was thus better suited to a city we love so much.


The Autor Rooms identity has a variety of flexible graphic elements appearing in different, specific color variations. These are combined with illustrations and design motifs that are based on stonework, directly referring to the building’s history that once housed workshops of master stonemasons.

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